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There's at least one more Utahn on "The Bachelorette"

TV or not TV by Scott Pierce

First published May 01 2012 12:34PM
Updated May 1, 2012 12:34PM

"The Bachelorette" kicks off a new season on Monday, May 14, and once again there's a Utahn involved.

Maybe two Utahns, but that might just be ABC teasing viewers.

We do now that one of the men pursuing bachelorette Emily Maynards is "Jef, 27, an entrepreneur from Salt Lake City, UT."

Turns out that's Jef Holm, who grew up in St. George and lives in Pleasant Grove.

Hey, this is the show that thought Puerto Rico was a foreign country, so thinking Pleasant Grove is part of Salt Lake City is no big deal. They're only 36 miles apart.

Holm is a co-founder of People Water in Pleasant Grove,

According to ABC, the "successful entrepeneur springs onto the scene on a skateboard" in the season premiere of "The Bachelorette."

According to some of the spoiler websites, Holm will do pretty well in the competition for Maynard's heart. But you never know if you can believe the spoiler sites.

As for the possible other Utahn, ABC has been running ads with one of the bachelors saying, "Is that Bentley?"

It's supposed to make us think Bentley Williams - the villain of Season 8 of "The Bachelorette" - is back.

I suppose it's possible. But it's also possible ABC is just running those ads to make fans think the man they hated so passionately will be on the show and tune in to find out for sure.

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